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Deep tissue massage from £75 for 60 mins.
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Deep tissue massage is applied to both the superficial and deeper layers of muscles, fascia, and other structures. Combining compression, stretching, and soft tissue release with slower and more direct deep pressure. Deep tissue massage aims to release chronic muscle tension and knots, release toxins from muscles and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly which will help

  • Improve posture.
  • Improve range in a joint.
  • Alleviate cramp.
  • The release of trigger spots.
  • Induce deep relaxation.


Deep tissue massage can be used to treat a specific problem.
Techniques include massage with forearms, fists,elbows, squeezing techniques.
Deep tissue techniques take longer to apply than the techniques used in therapeutic massage, therefore this technique works very well on particular areas of the body, for example clients who have tight upper backs and shoulders, runners with tight calfs or hamstrings. Clients who sit down most of the day tend to have lower back and gluteal tension and tightness

60 minutes - £75
75 minutes - £85
90 minutes - £95


If you suffer from any of the above don't wait any longer and book your deep tissue massage today

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Claire Durand is located in Fulham with easy access to tubes and buses, there is also ample pay and display parking.

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